A leaked version of the ‘Framework Agreement for a Social Compact on Supporting Eskom for Inclusive Economic Growth’, agreed to at Nedlac, dated 15 September, lists, as one of the sub-aims, the desire to expand the production of electric vehicles and the stimulation of the green hydrogen economy in South Africa. This coupled with a unique hydrogen electrolyser leap forward that deploys innovative patented and already trade-marked local technology that facilitates the use of far fewer components and generates significant cost savings, holds promise for South Africa to develop itself as a global leader in the hydrogen economy. Michael Avery speaks to Dr Jenny Watts, Principal Analyst: Automotive Demand & Technology, and Head of Hydrogen Analytics, Member of the Executive Committee at SFA (Oxford); Adjunct Professor Rod Crompton, Director of the African Energy Leadership Centre at Wits Business School; Corrie de Jager, CEO of Hydrox; & Vinay Somera, CEO of Isondo Precious Metals.