Fuel Cell and Electrolsyer MEAs and Catalysts


The heart of the fuel cell or electrolyser stack is the membrane electrode assembly (MEA). Isondo will be producing 3, 5 or 7-layer MEAs for fuel cell and electrolysers applications. Isondo has strategic partnerships with global companies giving it access to a wide-variety of MEA components to meet any end customer specifications. These will be manufactured on Isondo’s industrial-scale manufacturing plants using either roll-to-roll or batch techniques. This flexibility allows Isondo to produce large commercial runs of MEAs or small batches or even single MEAs.


The PGM catalyst is critical to the performance and longevity of the membrane electrode assembly (MEA). Isondo is developing its own novel catalysts for input into its MEAs as well as novel catalysts for fuel reforming. These are being developed in conjunction with local R&D institutions as well as recognized global leaders in catalyst development and manufacturing.



Isondo’s management team and advisory board are recognized globally within the fuel cell and hydrogen industries.  This broad industry and specific sector expertise is available through Isondo’s consulting services business.

Isondo provides services in the following areas:

  • Local and global market research, intelligence and technology trends related to fuel cells, hydrogen and mobility

  • Full business and marketing support to global hydrogen and fuel cell technology companies entering the South African/African market


Isondo is investing heavily into its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which will come online in 2024.

This has been purposely designed and specified to accommodate a wide-array of end customer specifications for membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) and individual components such as fuel cell and electrolysers catalysts.

End customers can leverage Isondo’s manufacturing platforms to produce their own specified MEAs or catalysts from low to high volumes without the need to invest heavily in their own manufacturing capabilities.